COVID-19 Reports by Industry

Across the organization, our teams have been working to produce reports and insights related to the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, industries, and consumers. We invite you to download the results of that research below.

COVID-19: J.D. Power Auto Industry Impact Report 
Series ended June 4, 2020

The J.D. Power Data & Analytics team is producing a weekly intelligence report to closely track the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the U.S. automotive industry.
The report, distributed to clients and media every Wednesday, is followed by a live webinar during which Thomas King, President, Data & Analytics and Chief Product Officer, J.D. Power and Tyson Jominy, Vice President, Data & Analytics, J.D. Power, as well as occasional J.D. Power special guests, review the report and address any questions. Due to the impact of this rapidly evolving pandemic, the frequency and depth of this highly sought-after, valuable information provides the industry with objective expertise and actionable insights. | View the reports and webinar recordings

COVID-19 Used Car Valuations Update Report
Updated Weekly

In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, the Valuation Services team are producing a weekly COVID-19 report containing the most up-to-date information on conditions in the used vehicle market as well as the virus’ impact on used vehicle values, volumes and what customers can expect in the coming weeks and months. The report can be accessed via the carousel at the top of the NADA Values website here.

Canada Automotive Pulse Survey Updates
Updated Monthly

The Canada Automotive team is conducting an ongoing vehicle owner pulse survey to continuously gauge the attitudes, opinions, purchase intentions and general confidence of Canadians.

The results are shared during a monthly J.D. Power Canada COVID-19 Pulse Webinar, as part of the team’s continued commitment to support their customers’ business needs during these trying times. | Download the latest pulse report | View the webinar recordings

Customer service operations have been uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The J.D. Power Customer Service Advisory team has pulled together customer care insights and best practices and is working to develop new content and services to help organizations that are faced with more contacts with less people, plunging capacity, and new challenges associated with work-at-home staff.

Maximizing Customer Service Effectiveness in a Crisis

Based on our experience working with top performing customer service organization across industries and on best practices we’ve seen companies deploy during this pandemic, we have created an infographic and video series outlining 7 Customer Service Principles of Success. We invite you to download the infographic and explore the video series below.

The Work-at-Home Series

The shift to work-at-home (WAH) is creating new challenges for service operations. In response, we’ve launched a series where we bring together experts from the customer service field to highlight best practices and strategies for succeeding in this new reality. 


Financial Services COVID-19 Pulse Survey
Updated Monthly

The J.D. Power Financial Services team launched a series of pulse surveys and accompanying reports tracking the personal financial effects of COVID-19, and answering the critical question: What do consumers need and expect from financial institutions right now? The results explore what issues are pressing most upon the minds of consumers:

United States

Wealth Management - Investing

Wealth Management COVID-19 Investor Pulse Study

Small Business



Insurance During COVID-19 Pulse Survey
Updated Bi-Weekly

The J.D. Power Insurance Intelligence team has launched a survey to explore consumer attitudes and perceptions directly related to their insurance over the course of the pandemic. These insights span across property & casualty, life, and health insurance. The most recent publication focuses on consumer reaction to and awareness of premium relief, changes is shopping rates, and the growing interest in telematics.

Kyle Schmitt, Vice President and Managing Director of Insurance Intelligence, presented findings from our research during a webinar with Cambridge Mobile Telematics on May 5. We invite you to view the recording of that webinar.

Given the severe impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry, the J.D. Power Travel and Hospitality Intelligence team launched an in-depth COVID-19 pulse survey to measure consumer attitudes about current travel and future travel plans and travel priorities.

Travel and Hospitality COVID-19 Pulse Survey  

The J.D. Power Travel and Hospitality team has conducted pulse surveys to measure traveler sentiment during Covid-19. View the results webinar here. 

Meeting the Challenge of Maintaining Customer Satisfaction in a Crisis
Two Part Series

The data from our pulse surveys serves as the foundation for a 2-part webinar series co-developed with our Customer Service Advisory team. Topics covered include consumer sentiment on future travel, communication strategies during this crisis and case studies of how high performing companies focus on what matters most to customers.

Airport Summit Webinars
Weekly Series

As a follow up to our Meeting the Challenge of Maintaining Customer Satisfaction in a Crisis series, we have launched the weekly Airport Summit webinar series which brings together executives from the country’s leading airports to discuss “what’s working” as they deal with the current crisis and the upcoming recovery. During these live webinars, the J.D. Power team also shares updates on the pulse surveys we are conducting through this crisis, measuring the mood of the public and their attitudes about travel and economy. View the Airport Summit Webinar Series here. 

The J.D. Power @Home Intelligence team conducted a pulse survey on home improvement customers’ sentiment and actions during the COVID-19 crisis. The survey explored the types of home improvement projects customers are working on and what they are buying during stay-at-home orders, from appliances to systems to technology. 
The J.D. Power Utilities Intelligence team conducted a pulse survey around the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on electric utility performance. Study questions looked at how prepared customers think their utilities are to provide reliable power during a crisis; any interruptions in service; how much utility bill normally costs versus how much it will cost with stay-at-home orders; and any recent customer service experiences. 


For more information about this research, please contact your account representative, or you may submit a secure contact form, and we will reach out to you directly. 

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