Stand by Your Appraisal with the Nada Appraisal Suite

NADA Appraisal Suite turns the entire appraisal process into something your customers can truly understand. Use this simple online tool to close more deals without the back and forth. Use NADA Appraisal Suite to take customers through the appraisal process with you, showing them everything that goes into your number. Then, show them it’s backed by NADA Values, with an official appraisal document.

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  • Prove Appraisal Credibility

    Prove Appraisal Credibility

    Produce an overview of your appraisal, branded with the NADA Valuation Services logo. When customers know what’s behind your number, they know it’s time to sign.

  • Integrate Your VHRs

    Integrate Your VHRs

    Integrate your Experian AutoCheck® and CARFAX® vehicle history reports free and seamlessly, for a more complete picture of the vehicle you’re appraising.

  • Access Top Industry Sources

    Access Top Industry Sources

    With NADA AppraisalPRO, access NADA values along with data from top sources:®, J.D. Power PIN (Power Information Network), Manheim Market Report and vAuto.


What’s the back and forth costing you?

Between first pencil and final signature, there can be a lot of back and forth. Find out just how much it’s costing you — and how much you’ll gain with the NADA Appraisal Suite.

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What’s the back and forth costing you?

Choose the NADA Appraisal Suite tool that fits your needs.

NADA Appraisal$125/mo.*

NADA AppraisalPro$350/mo.*

Desktop, mobile and tablet access check check
Unlimited passenger car and light-duty truck look-ups check check
NADA Values Auction, Trade-in, Clean Loan and Clean Retail check check
FREE integration with your vehicle history reports from Experian AutoCheck and CARFAX (separate subscriptions required) check check
Asking prices from check
Retail transactions from J.D. Power PIN (Power Information Network) check
Auction transactions from Manheim Market Report check
Used vehicle true market days supply from vAuto check
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*With annual subscription.
  • NADA Values Auction
  • FREE integration
  • Carafax
  • AutoTrader
  • J.D. Power
  • Manheim
  • vAuto