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Car insurance rates have soared 43% since 2022 and are expected to climb more. Here’s how to lower your premiums.
MarketWatch | 2/5/2024

Insurers look at challenges, efficiencies for 2024
InsuranceNewsNet | 12/28/2023

Social Security Is Giving Retirees a Raise in 2024. It Won’t Be Enough.
[subscription required]
Barron's | 12/19/2023

Tempted To Toss Out Your Car Insurance Because Of The High Price? Experts Say That’s A Wrong Turn
Forbes | 10/18/2023

Car Insurance Premiums Have Gone Through the Roof. It’s Going to Get Worse.
[subscription required]
Barron's | 9/28/2023

The Rising Costs of Owning a Car
[subscription required]
New York Times | 9/22/2023

Report indicates rise in uninsured drivers, prompts calls for education & policy flexibility
Repairer Driven News | 9/18/2023

Car insurance rates just had their biggest annual jump in 47 years. This is why
CNN Business | 9/13/2023

Your Auto Insurance Keeps Going Up. You’re Not Going to Catch a Break Anytime Soon.
[subscription required]
Barron's | 8/11/2023

Auto Insurers’ Forecasts Have Missed the Mark. Now They’re Paying the Price.
Barron's | 6/14/2023

Viewpoint: Used-Vehicle Prices May Be Cresting but Insurers Still Underwater
Insurance Journal | 2/13/2023

Car prices may fall this year, but auto insurance will cost more. Here's why.
USA Today | 2/8/2023

Looking to the future: CIC chair, panel talk influences on the industry & telematics
Repairer Driven News | 2/7/2023

Price Worries Drive Telematics Demand
Insurance Thought Leadership | 1/19/2023

The Death of "The Robinson's"?
Insurance Thought Leadership | 10/31/2022

Viewpoint: How Progressive’s Relationship with ‘The Robinsons’ Could Be at Risk
Insurance Journal | 9/26/2022

It may be time for an insurance check up. How soaring costs may leave you underinsured.
USA Today | 9/13/2022

Tesla’s Phantom Brake Problem Exposes Need for Human Audits of Machine-Read Data
Insurance Journal | 7/26/2022

Mercedes-Benz Takes Legal Responsibility for Its Level 3 Technology
Wards Auto | 6/17/2022

On the Road to Personalized Insurance
Insurance Thought Leadership | 6/1/2022

Tesla Is Set to Shake Up a New Market
Barron's | 11/8/2021

How Your Driving Habits Can Lower Your Insurance Bill
NerdWallet | 8/23/2021

Metromile Will Embrace Bitcoin For Insurance Premium And Claim Payments
Forbes | 5/8/2021

COVID-19 breathed new life into telematics and UBI
Digital Insurance | 5/7/2021

Your Auto Insurer Wants to Ride Shotgun With You. Are the Savings Worth It?
NextAdvisor | 4/16/2021

Tesla Insurance Plans Surge Into Three New States, Forbes
Forbes | 3/11/2021

Do You Know Who Your Car’s Lienholder Is? Here’s Why You Should
NextAdvisor | 1/28/2021

You Should Shop for Car Insurance Once a Year, According to Experts. Here’s How to Save Money Doing It
NextAdvisor | 1/27/2021

Automakers in insurance game with tech tools (subscription required)
Automotive News | 1/4/2021

Do Auto Insureds Prefer Insurer Websites Over Agents? J.D. Power Thinks So.
Insurance Journal | 6/11/2020

Proper Communication and Understanding Value Drive Price Satisfaction and Retention
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 4/20/2020

Brand Image, Experience, and Growth: What it Takes to Win New Business
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 1/28/2020

States with the Most and Least Affordable Auto Insurance, and Which Carriers May Save You the Most
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 9/20/2019

Millennials and Auto Insurance | 09/2019

Customer experience: The auto insurance X-factor
PropertyCasualty360 | 8/19/2019

Insurance product bundling must come with customer experience improvements
Digital Insurance | 8/14/2019

Hitting the Effective Communication Moving Target
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 7/9/2019

The Evolving Role of Agents in the Digital Age
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 4/10/2019

Case Study: Improving Personal Lines Insurance Customer Billing
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 1/28/2019

How High Customer Expectations Raise the Bar for Insurance Industry
Insurance Journal | 10/30/2018

Usage-Based Insurance Provides Strong Benefits to Insurers, But Consumer Adoption Remains Low
Carrier Management | 8/17/2018

Hey, what gives? Where are my automated vehicle discounts?!
Property Casualty 360 | 8/6/2018

The Need for More Effective Digital Interaction Represents Opportunity for Insurers
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 7/16/2018

Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction and Shopping Rates
J.D. Power YouTube | 6/14/2018

Connecting Price to Value
J.D. Power YouTube | 6/14/2018

Insurance Agents vs. Financial Advisors
J.D. Power YouTube | 6/14/2018

Insurance Digital Self-Service Expectations (the Amazon-Effect)
J.D. Power YouTube | 6/14/2018

J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Auto Insurance Study Overview
J.D. Power YouTube | 6/6/2018

Digital Interactions Are Changing Expectations and Roles of Agents
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 4/17/2018

What Actually Happens if You Don't Buy Car Insurance?
Money | 2/22/2024

Tracking the decrease in auto insurance shopping
Digital Insurance | 2/13/2024

J.D. Power: Auto policy shopping continued to decline in Q4 2023
PropertyCasualty360 | 1/31/2024

J.D. Power says drivers are giving in to higher insurance premiums
Repairer Driven News | 1/31/2024

'Chilling effect' – How carrier pullouts affected auto and home insurance shopping behavior
Insurance Business | 1/30/2024

Do I really need that? How American consumers are tightening purse strings amid inflation
USA Today | 10/12/2023

Insurers dropping Kias and Hyundais shake up auto policy shopping
Digital Insurance | 8/7/2023

More Inflation, Less Flo, Can Be Winning Combo for Progressive
Wall Street Journal Heard on the Street | 6/14/2023

You finally can afford the car. Now, what about insurance? Why that could be a problem.
USA Today | 5/18/2023

How to Deal With Rising Auto Insurance Rates [subscription required]
New York Times |  5/5/2023

Drivers Are Shopping Around for Cheaper Car Insurance as Premiums Soar
Money | 4/27/2023

GEICO is winning fewer 'defectors' from competitors
CNBC’s Warren Buffett Watch | 4/21/2023

What can insurers learn from millennials' obsession with pet insurance?
PropertyCasualty360 | 4/7/2023

J.D. Power: The 5 forces shaping policy shopping
PropertyCasualty360 | 4/6/2023

3 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Car Insurance Company
NerdWallet | 3/20/2023

Jumping Auto Carriers
Insurance Journal | 2/6/2023

Consumer insurance shopping intensifies, policies shift between carriers
Repairer Driven News | 2/3/2023

J.D. Power: Auto policy shopping, switching up in Q4 2022
PropertyCasualty360 | 1/31/2023

UBI shopping levels off late in 2022: J.D. Power
Digital Insurance | 1/27/2023

Auto Shopping and Switching at 2-Year High
Independent Agent | 1/26/2023

Allstate, GEICO, State Farm… where are customers going amid increased auto insurance shopping?
Insurance Business | 1/25/2023

Auto Insurance Shopping – and Switching – Increases
Insurance Journal | 1/24/2023

More consumers shopping for new auto insurance to save money: J.D. Power report
Fox Business | 9/5/2022

J.D. Power: Auto Insurance Shopping and Switching Declines
AM Best Audio | 5/9/2022

J.D. Power Reveals What Insurance Consumers Want
Agency Revolution's Connected Insurance Podcast | 05/26/2021

Auto Insurance Shopping Stabilizes, State-Level Competition Intensifies
Insurance Journal | 3/9/2021

Top Performing Auto Insurers During COVID and What’s Driving Customer Behavior
Insurance Journal | 12/16/2020

J.D. Power: This is What Insurance Consumers Want From Agents
Agency Revolution | 6/3/2020

The Dig In Podcast 005: Auto insurance customer experience after coronavirus
Digital Insurance | 5/11/2020

These Consumer Trends May Define the Next Decade of Property and Casualty Insurance
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 4/20/2020

Entering and Exiting Digital: What’s Up with Multi-Brand Strategies of P/C Insurers?
Insurance Journal | 1/24/2020

Ensuring Customer Communications are Aligned with Expectations
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 1/8/2020

Auto Insurance Customer Loyalty Is Declining. Here’s Why.
Insurance Journal | 10/15/2019

Aligning Customer Expectations with Underwriting Philosophy
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 9/24/2019

Do Customers Understand What Factors Set Insurance Rates? Should They?
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 9/6/2019

The Next Insurance Battleground: High-Value Customers
Insurance Journal | 5/8/2019

Progressive & GEICO Capture 54% of Auto Premium Growth in 2018 as Direct-to-Consumer Model Gains Traction
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 4/25/2019

Direct-to-Consumer Auto Insurance Keeps Gaining Traction: J.D. Power
Carrier Management | 4/24/2019

The Era of Consumer‐Centric Insurance
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 3/5/2019

The Industrial Era Is Coming To An End. Here's What's Next.
INC | 9/8/2018

Top 5 Mega-Trends Influencing P&C Insurance Shopping
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 8/13/2018

5 trends influencing P&C insurance purchases
Property Casualty 360 | 6/19/2018

Safety, Insurance Costs Cited in Study as Reasons to Consider Autonomous Vehicles
Transport Topics | 6/6/2018

J.D. Power: Why Lemonade’s Policy 2.0 Matters
Insurance Journal | 6/5/2018

Key Findings from the 2018 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study
J.D. Power YouTube | 5/9/2018

Why Chat is Becoming Table Stakes for Insurers
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 3/5/2018

Are You Winning the Capital Arms Race?
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 1/17/2018

Detailed insurance auction listings can boost salvage revenue
PropertyCasualty360 | 11/1/2022

Whitepaper: Future Auto Claims: Driving Forward with Data Improves Service During Unexpected Events
Reuters | 6/2022

Auto collision claims, now and in the future
Automotive News Daily Drive Podcast | 11/16/2021

Car Insurance Outlook 2021: Digital Claims Handling Accelerates
Forbes | 01/13/2021

J.D. Power: Top 10 insurers for property claims satisfaction
PropertyCasualty360 | 03/24/2020

The Importance of Making the Claimant Feel at Ease During FNOL
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 03/04/2020

Carmakers and repair shops clash as automation upends aftermarket
Reuters | 10/30/2019

Claims Communication: Managing to the “Right Mix”
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 10/15/2019

Simplicity, Speed & Transparency in the Claims Process
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 7/11/2019

First Notice of Loss an Opportunity to Build Customer Satisfaction: Viewpoint
Claims Journal | 7/8/2019

Why Carriers Struggle to Differentiate with Digital and End Up Paying a Penalty
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 5/31/2019

The Importance of Providing A Satisfactory FNOL Experience
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 4/11/2019

Justifying the Investment in Digital Self-Service
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 1/28/2019

2018 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study: Lessons Learned
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 1/28/2019

Insurance Industry Kept Promises to Hurricane Victims; Now Tested by Wildfires
Insurance Journal | 11/16/2018

Building Strategic Plans: How Customers are Changing the Game 
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 8/13/2018

Insurers Are Speeding Up Claims. Their Worry: More Mistakes
Wall Street Journal | 8/6/2018

Claims Excellence and the Impact on Insurer ROI
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 6/4/2018

Natural Disaster Severity and the Impact on Customer Satisfaction
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 4/17/2018

Even in Big Data Era, Relationships Count
Insurance Thought Leadership | 4/12/2018

Balancing Cost and Customer Satisfaction in an Increasingly Digital World
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 1/17/2018

Progressive’s Direct Sales Continue to Outpace Agent Channel
P&C Specialist | 1/3/2024

An Interview With Stephen Crewdson
Insurance Through Leadership | 10/24/2022

J.D. Power Reveals What Insurance Consumers Want
Agency Revolution's Connected Insurance Podcast | 05/26/2021

The Future of Agency Distribution: Overcoming Headwinds
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 03/04/2020

Progressive Takes Aim at Multi-Line Insurers
Insurance Journal | 1/25/2019

The Importance of the Independent Agent
J.D. Power YouTube | 3/13/2018

P&C Independent Insurance Agents…Demand Excellence
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 3/5/2018

Insights below are based on cross-study data or collaborative research with industry publications or J.D. Power cross-industry teams.

That Car Is Worth WHAT?
Insurance Thought Leadership | 6/5/2023

Risk-Based Pricing: Understanding the dynamic value of the risk
J.D. Power Highlights & Insights | 3/30/2023

The Insurance Data War: How Old School and New School Can Live in Harmony
Insurance Thought Leadership | 4/11/2022

Car Prices Causing Turmoil for Insurers 
Insurance Thought Leadership | 2/10/2022

Crazy Car Prices Spell Trouble for Auto Insurance—and Opportunity
Barron's |1/21/2022

[Video] P&C in 2021 Pt. 5 – What InsureTech can Learn from FinTech
Cambridge Mobile Telematics | 3/12/2021

GM to offer OnStar auto insurance, promising lower rates the safer you drive
USA Today | 11/18/2020

2020 COVID-19 insights and trends
Vertafore Insurance Podcast | 10/29/2020

How the Auto Insurance Industry Gave Away Billions and Still Left Customers Unsatisfied
Barron's | 9/9/2020

Auto Insurance & COVID-19: No Guarantee Your Premium Will Drop, But These 5 Tips Can Help
Automoblog | 8/7/2020

Ep 86 – J.D. Power Head of P&C Insurance, Tom Super
FNO: InsureTech Podcast | 7/31/2020

Self-Driving Vehicles: A Wake-up Call
Insurance Thought Leadership | 9/30/2019

Helping customers prepare for AI-powered underwriting
Digital Insurance | 4/1/2019

AI and Insurance: what do customers really think?
J.D. Power P&C Insights | 3/5/2019

AI holds promise for insurance industry, but with caveats
Business Insurance | 1/17/2019

Power Study Finds “Total Lack of Trust” in Autonomous Vehicle Technology
The Detroit Bureau | 10/9/2018

Helping consumers understand the value of cyber insurance
Insurance Information Institute | 10/2018

Insuring Automated Vehicles—Measured or Mayhem?
J.D. Power Mobility Disruptors | 6/27/2018

Insurers Are (Slowly) Preparing for Future World of Driverless Cars
Xconomy | 5/31/2018

Insurance prospects in the race to autonomous vehicle tech
Insurance Business Magazine | 4/26/2018

Who pays for autonomous driving fatalities?
Digital Trends | 4/23/2018



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